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[Delusion] Non-delay Comm. by "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser"

I think some people got the inspiration from the paper "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser" published in Physical Review Letters 20 years ago. 

I have now begun to hypothesize that delay-free communication will be possible. So, I would like to know if anyone is conducting a verification experiment with an experimental device with a different structure.

At that time, I was already in employment and didn't know the experiment. I really feel sad.

However, I feel that expectations for the future are increasing. 


If the facts verified by the experiments in that paper are correct, I hypothesize that the experiments in this figure will also change the fringes.

I've been out of this field for decades, making theoretical calculations difficult for me. I have high expectations for young people who are active.

Thank you.



That's right. If the electron eraser experiment is a problem to find a solution by path integral, the vibration of the screen as my idea will change the range of path integral over time. Mathematically, this temporal change will bring about a change in the whole state at the same time, so if the amplitude is observable, is it possible to convey information without delay?





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