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#バーチャルマーケット2 #バーチャルマーケット
そう言えば、2002年前後、BSデジタル放送のデジキャスがCGアイドルコンテストをやっていました。LightWave 3Dが、全盛だったと思います。当時の職場は、デジキャスに関わってて、コンテスト入選作品のトレーディングカードを頼まれて、コミケで、非公式だけど配ってもいたのですが、この2002年の頃も、CGモデリングの人口の多さに驚いていました。当時、コンシュマー向けの3Dモデルデータの流通はなかったものの、絶えず、隠れ強強3Dモデラが、日本にはいるって感じもしています。
ただ、映画Ready Player Oneの世界観もなきにしもあらずだけど、もっと自然に使える世界観ではないかと思ってます。

Opening virtual market 2, congratulations!
# VirtualMarket2 # VirtualMarket

In comiket around 2003 (which distributed avatars in the Maya file), there was not a circle that distributed the 3d model (Avatar).
For consumers, avatar's 3d model data itself did not have its own demand, it was a disappointing time.
Fifteen years since then, with the advent of VRChat, I feel that the market of Avatar has appeared overnight.
Although this market appeared, it is surprising that more than 400 exhibitions to this event are over.
By the way, around 2002, Digi Cass of BS digital broadcasting was hosting a CG idol contest.
It seems that there were a lot of users in LightWave 3D around this time.
My workplace at that time was related to this digicast.
It was unofficial, even distributing the trading card on which the winning works of this contest were printed, with Comiket.
Even in 2002, I was surprised by the number of participants in CG modeling.
At the time, although 3D model data of Avatar for Consumer was not circulated, in Japan, I feel that there is constantly hidden strong 3D modeler.
It is now possible to distribute the avatar's 3D model data itself, which is quite different from 15 years ago, and I also feel the possibility of emerging as a business.
We are feeling that it will spur by cooperation with e sports, EC shopping and e-learning. However, truly, in order to break, we still feel that the evolution of VR devices is still necessary.
Ten years ago, I posted a blog on "Recommendation of integration of virtual and real", "In between virtual and real".
At this time, block chains technology was also unknown, so it was necessary to have unique techniques for integrating virtual and real.
Block chain technology is now well known, and I feel that it is a compatible technology for integrating virtual and real.
Ultimately, I am feeling ahead of it, but I hope to make VR / MR / AR a social infrastructure.
However, although the world view of the movie "Ready Player One" is also necessarily absurd, I think that it is a world view that can be used more naturally.
I recall that there are memories of 15 years ago and 10 years ago and that the memories of five years ago are fading is influenced by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
There is a memory which was association from nuclear accident, the space dose was AR, and it was memorable that it was seen at any time.
But in the future, let's have more delightful delusions.


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