[妄想] Necessity of an equation that can express CP violence, surpassing the Dirac equation

Note) Looking at the Schrödinger equation, it was asymmetric with respect to energy, with a zero point energy. I remember that when the Schrödinger equation is expanded into the Dirac equation, the terms related to the zero point energy are ignored. Is my understanding of this correct? If my understanding is correct, I have a hunch that if I expand the Schrödinger equation without ignoring the zero-point energy, I will derive a new Dirac equation that indicates that the CP symmetry is broken. doing.

My question is that the CP violation cannot be explained by the Dirac equation. I think we need a fermion equation that can explain the CP violation. In order to do that, I think we need to go back to the starting point and reconsider. One possibility is that the zero-point energy has a positive value, eg, the ground state of the electron-antielectron pair wants the energy biased toward positive values. It is to think of such an equation. However, certainly, as a point of concern, energy is not a universal quantity for the Lorentz transformation. If the equation is constrained that the total energy of the pair is not observed to be negative, even if not a universal quantity, I speculate that the goal will be achieved. I speculate that the total energy of the pair of electrons and anti-electrons will be an equation that can derive two solutions, one in the world of positive values and the other in the world of negative values. It doesn't matter which side our universe belongs to, because it is symmetrical. Whether plus or minus is called plus is a matter of definition.


メモ)シュレディンガー方程式を見ると、零点エネルギーが存在して、エネルギーに関して非対称でした。シュレディンガー方程式がディラック方程式に展開において、零点エネルギーにかかわる項が無視されていると記憶してます。私のこの理解は、あってる? この私の理解が正しいとすれば、私、この零点エネルギーの無視しなで、シュレディンガ方程式の展開を行えば、CP対称性が、おのずと、破れを示す新たなディラック方程式が導出されると予感しています。

私の疑問は、CP対称性の崩れを、デイラック方程式で説明できていないことです。CP対称性の崩れを、説明できるフェルミオンの方程式が必要と思います。そのためには、原点に戻って、考え直す必要があると、思っています。 1つの可能性としては、零点エネルギーが正の値を持つことで、例えば、電子と反電子の対の基底状態で、エネルギーが、正の値に偏って欲しい。そのような方程式を考えることです。 但し、確かに、懸念点としては、エネルギーは、ローレンツ変換に対して、普遍量でないことです。普遍量でないにしても、方程式に、対の総エネルギーが、負の値に観測されない制約が課せられれば、目的は達成するように憶測しています。 電子と反電子の対の総エネルギーが、正の値の世界と、負の値の世界のか2つの解が導出できる方程式になると、憶測しています。我々の宇宙が、どちらに属していても、対称であるので、かまわないことにうなります。プラスとマイナスは、どちらをプラスと呼ぶかは、定義の問題です。


Note) Come to think of it, I previously solved the Schrödinger equation for the two-body problem of electrons and positrons. In the non-relativistic Schrödinger equation, the electron-positron pair has a positive zero-point energy value. The sum of the energies cannot be zero. In other words, when considering the individual energies of electrons and positrons, the possibility of symmetry is low. Different energy levels also break the symmetry of the transition probabilities.
It is interesting to see if there is a way to integrate the Schrödinger equation with the theory of relativity while maintaining this asymmetry.




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[MEMO] My definition of Metaverse

The term Metaverse has become popular these days, but its definition varies from person to person. I am also thinking of one definition. I will introduce it.
It may contain a little my delusion, but the general definition of future Metaverse, which I think of, is "social infrastructure and platforms that can build a human community across space-time gaps in the universe."
The following is a supplement to my definition. My definition includes some future possibilities.
These future possibilities I think include the realization of Quantum-entangled non-delayed space communications and the realization of a warp drive engine that has evolved from the recent success of small warp bubble generation. Furthermore, I think some people also got the inspiration from the paper "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser" published in Physical Review Letters 20 years ago.
In the near future, Mr. Elon Reeve Musk may realize human migration to Mars. This migration to Mars will create a space-time gap.
I believe that it is important to work with mechanisms based on new scientific and physical discoveries for the continued progress of Metaverse in the future.
#Metaverse #Futurism

これらの将来の可能性には、量子もつれの非遅延宇宙通信の実現と、最近の小さなワープバブル生成の成功から進化したワープドライブエンジンの実現が含まれると思います。さらに、20年前にPhysical ReviewLettersに掲載された論文「A Delayed Choice
Quantum Eraser」からもインスピレーションを得た人もいると思います。


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[Delusion] Non-delay Comm. by "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser"

I think some people got the inspiration from the paper "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser" published in Physical Review Letters 20 years ago. 

I have now begun to hypothesize that delay-free communication will be possible. So, I would like to know if anyone is conducting a verification experiment with an experimental device with a different structure.

At that time, I was already in employment and didn't know the experiment. I really feel sad.

However, I feel that expectations for the future are increasing. 


If the facts verified by the experiments in that paper are correct, I hypothesize that the experiments in this figure will also change the fringes.

I've been out of this field for decades, making theoretical calculations difficult for me. I have high expectations for young people who are active.

Thank you.



That's right. If the electron eraser experiment is a problem to find a solution by path integral, the vibration of the screen as my idea will change the range of path integral over time. Mathematically, this temporal change will bring about a change in the whole state at the same time, so if the amplitude is observable, is it possible to convey information without delay?




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[Delusion] What is a quantum mechanical vacuum state?

or "Why does the universe exist?"

[妄想] 量子力学的な真空状態とは

Delusion memo)

The phenomenon that helium does not freeze even at absolute zero is explained by the uncertainty relation of quantum mechanics.
By analogy with this, I feel that quantum mechanics does not allow the existence of a vacuum.
The vacuum here is a state in which there is no energy or substance.
In this vacuum, the momentum and energy become zero together, and the idea is that the uncertainty relationship is not satisfied.
If there is at least one particle in the universe, its wavefunction will be distributed throughout the universe.
As a result, no part of the universe is evacuated.
According to the uncertainty relationship, the state of the universe seems to be constrained to either the state with energetic existence or the state with material existence, or a mixture of them.
The uncertainty relation of quantum mechanics should be established at any minute part (micro) of the universe, but as a result, it is not unique to the uniform state of the universe.
Macroscopically, the uncertainty relation allows for non-uniform states of the universe.
As a result, no part of the universe is evacuated.
According to the uncertainty relationship, the state of the universe seems to be constrained to either the state with energetic existence or the state with material existence, or a mixture of them.
The uncertainty relation of quantum mechanics should be established at any minute part (micro) of the universe, but as a result, it is not unique to the flat state of the universe.
Macroscopically, the uncertainty relation allows for non-flat states of the universe.
As a conclusion of the delusion, assuming that quantum mechanics is correct, it is observed that the universe exists. Quantum mechanics does not allow solutions that do not exist in the universe.
These are not physical considerations, but mathematically, any elementary particle depends on the mathematical property that the wavefunctions are distributed throughout the universe.
We draw the erroneous conclusion that the reason why the universe exists is that quantum mechanics dominates the universe.

In other words, as a result of this delusion, the answer to the question "Why does the universe exist?" Is "Quantum mechanics dominates the universe."

Assuming that quantum mechanics is correct, it can be said that even if the same amount of matter and antimatter exist in the universe, they will not disappear completely due to pair annihilation.






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[Delusion] An empty space full of energy that exists in everyday life

[妄想] 日常に存在するエネルギーに満ち溢れた何もない空間

宇宙誕生のビックバンが起きる前は、エネルギーに満ち溢れた何もない空間が想定されている。この「エネルギーに満ち溢れた何もない空間」とは、どんなものなのでしょか? 多分、多くの人々は、日常的に経験のない状態と思いがちです。




[Delusion] An empty space full of energy that exists in everyday life

Before the Big Bang, the birth of the universe, an empty space full of energy was envisioned. What is this "empty space full of energy"? Maybe many people tend to think that they are inexperienced on a daily basis.

Remember what you learned in school science. I think I learned something called "standing wave" in that process. It is a wave that does not have a direction of travel, and I think some people have experience experimenting with the vibration of strings. The node (fixed point) in this standing wave is actually a space that has energy but does not move at all.

"A space full of energy and nothing" may be one of the things you can find by observing your daily life. I don't think it exists in the universe, an ideal standing wave, however I think that the space where various waves intersect and cancel each other is not strange even if it occurs occasionally.

It may seem that the universe was born as a result of the intersection of various waves, and it may show us diversity. Furthermore, if we think that the universe was born in the Big Bang, we might affirm that the entire universe is composed of waves.

Thank you.


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[妄想] Technology trends for the next 30 years

[Technology trends for the next 30 years]
Every 10 years from 1960, I look back on the history of IT technology. From the tendency that can be read from this result, I feel that AR / MR technology will become widespread from the end of the 2020s to the first half of the 2030s. At the same time, I foresee that smartphone and tablet technologies will drive the market until the 2030s. This premonition is based on the 30-year cycle hypothesis of technology. In the 2020s, new technologies will sprout for the next 30 years.
I can't imagine what the buds are at this point. For example, in the 2030s, with the success of Mr. Elon Reeve Musk, humanity may have begun to migrate to Mars. Even in the era when human beings advance into space, the friction between tyranny and democracy has not subsided, and it may be a world like the cartoon "Gundam" and the movie "Star Wars". Human beings may be getting a new energy source by advancing the analysis of dark matter.
Thank you.



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MEMO: Keywords for the next future

MEMO: Keywords for the next future (my recent interests)

  • Treatment and prevention of corona pneumonia
  • Distributed ledger technology, low-cost digital signatures for documents with middle-class security
  • Quantum communication (quantum entanglement)
  • Photon's own time, pair annihilation, pair generation, short wavelength gravitational wave
  • Power generation by dark matter and dark energy
  • Superstring theory
  • Biocomputer (intention to be composed of organic matter. Hypothesis that it will be the base of quantum computing at room temperature. De-semiconductor circuit), interface with human body
  • Space colonization and VR/AR/MR


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(1) まず、感染しない事(注:以下は、医療従事者向けではない)

(2) 他人を感染させない事。症状なしに感染してる場合もあるので、

(3) 感染(無症状でも)している場合、重症化は、急に起きる。重症化すると、呼吸困難になって、すぐに人工呼吸器などで、対応しないと、窒息死。何か、心配もしくは、体調が少しでも悪く感じた場合、添付資料の段取りで、相談窓口に相談する。


(4) 年齢に関係なく、重症化する。年齢との相関は、副次的。



(7) 現状、千葉、東京、神奈川が、国内では、高い汚染地帯。

(8) スペイン王女が、新コロナウイルス感染で、死去。

(9) 新コロナウィルに感染すると、抗体力が低下する。身体の弱いところを襲ってきて、重症化する。糖尿病など。

(10) 閉鎖が起きた時に、勤務地変更などして、通勤者の人の流れが変わって、感染を拡散する危険視も感じているので、行政は、事前に、そうならないように、策を練るべき。閉鎖の真の主旨は、隔離と考えます。

(11) 新コロナウイルスとは別のハンタウイルス蔓延の噂も出てきている。



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it is also a threat to humanity that this new coronavirus pandemic will
bring humanity knowledge of the development of biological weapons.
Recently, genetic engineering commodities have also been advanced, so I
just hope that no tribe like Thanos (Avengers: Endgame) will appear.
Japan, the Aum Shinrikyo that caused the subway sarin gas attack 25
years ago, I had heard that they have had development of bio-weapons
using anthrax.

In the past, MERS and SARS, which were
spread in the past, were also caused by coronavirus. We hope that
prophylactic and therapeutic agents will be developed that work for
coronavirus in general.



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#バーチャルマーケット2 #バーチャルマーケット
そう言えば、2002年前後、BSデジタル放送のデジキャスがCGアイドルコンテストをやっていました。LightWave 3Dが、全盛だったと思います。当時の職場は、デジキャスに関わってて、コンテスト入選作品のトレーディングカードを頼まれて、コミケで、非公式だけど配ってもいたのですが、この2002年の頃も、CGモデリングの人口の多さに驚いていました。当時、コンシュマー向けの3Dモデルデータの流通はなかったものの、絶えず、隠れ強強3Dモデラが、日本にはいるって感じもしています。
ただ、映画Ready Player Oneの世界観もなきにしもあらずだけど、もっと自然に使える世界観ではないかと思ってます。

Opening virtual market 2, congratulations!
# VirtualMarket2 # VirtualMarket

In comiket around 2003 (which distributed avatars in the Maya file), there was not a circle that distributed the 3d model (Avatar).
For consumers, avatar's 3d model data itself did not have its own demand, it was a disappointing time.
Fifteen years since then, with the advent of VRChat, I feel that the market of Avatar has appeared overnight.
Although this market appeared, it is surprising that more than 400 exhibitions to this event are over.
By the way, around 2002, Digi Cass of BS digital broadcasting was hosting a CG idol contest.
It seems that there were a lot of users in LightWave 3D around this time.
My workplace at that time was related to this digicast.
It was unofficial, even distributing the trading card on which the winning works of this contest were printed, with Comiket.
Even in 2002, I was surprised by the number of participants in CG modeling.
At the time, although 3D model data of Avatar for Consumer was not circulated, in Japan, I feel that there is constantly hidden strong 3D modeler.
It is now possible to distribute the avatar's 3D model data itself, which is quite different from 15 years ago, and I also feel the possibility of emerging as a business.
We are feeling that it will spur by cooperation with e sports, EC shopping and e-learning. However, truly, in order to break, we still feel that the evolution of VR devices is still necessary.
Ten years ago, I posted a blog on "Recommendation of integration of virtual and real", "In between virtual and real".
At this time, block chains technology was also unknown, so it was necessary to have unique techniques for integrating virtual and real.
Block chain technology is now well known, and I feel that it is a compatible technology for integrating virtual and real.
Ultimately, I am feeling ahead of it, but I hope to make VR / MR / AR a social infrastructure.
However, although the world view of the movie "Ready Player One" is also necessarily absurd, I think that it is a world view that can be used more naturally.
I recall that there are memories of 15 years ago and 10 years ago and that the memories of five years ago are fading is influenced by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
There is a memory which was association from nuclear accident, the space dose was AR, and it was memorable that it was seen at any time.
But in the future, let's have more delightful delusions.

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